Brett Lynn Crawley


With over 44 years of experience in wellness instruction, Brett Lynn Crawley is an expert life coach dedicated to helping individuals achieve their full potential. His transformative coaching sessions empower individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and cultivate a deep sense of inner peace and happiness. 

Brett actually started his first business at 12 years old, cleaning and landscape services, by the time he was 16, he had begun to manage other workers and had expanded into Farming and agriculture service. Diversity of talent became a trademark to Brett's bio after a performance in his highschool's annual song and theater production launched him into the modeling and talent industry; Brett was soon picked up by names like, Coppola, Lauren, Claiborn, Grethel, and Blass, and for a small town boy, Brett appeared to be living the dream, travel, notoriety, performing at Caeser's Palace, touring the Bamas with The Pageant industry as an MC, appearing in a few movies, and picking up agents in New York and California... And yet, Brett still felt unfulfilled. After much deep thought and seeking wise council, he chose service in the United States Army, and Brett never looked back. He enlisting in the United States Army, achieving the rank of Sergeant, Brett set his goal on college, dedicated his life to serving others, was commissioned as an Officer and rose to the Rank of COL before being medically retired from injuries in Afghanistan. Brett Crawley has proven himself as a results-focused global leader with expertise in operations, business development, customer relationship management, and sales management. He is the architect of a highly successful career in operations management, business development, and is known for his work ethic, responsiveness, strategic thinking, and ability to inspire people to higher performance levels. Since 2008, Brett’s focus has been as a life coach, and assisting others to achieve their potential.

Throughout his career, Brett has shown an uncanny ability to deliver results. Brett brings a practical, no-nonsense approach to business and a passion for building and motivating sales teams. Having managed combat forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, From Platoon Level to the Joint Forces of NATO, he understands the value of preparedness, good communication, and being responsible to one’s peers. Brett’s unique blend of military and civilian experience equips him to handle the most demanding challenges that organizations face in business today from sales, operations, to marketing, and general administrative management.

As an Experienced Executive Director with 40 years’ experience in Business, Brett has a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Organizational Leadership, Negotiation, Government, and Sales. Brett is a strong business development professional with a Strategic Planning Management & Leadership focus.

Those who have worked with Brett have recognized his customer-centric philosophy, teams can do anything attitude, and natural leadership abilities. He empowers his teams by creating a culture of encouragement, sharing knowledge, trusting in their judgment, and holding them accountable. From an operations and administrative standpoint, Brett has a sixth sense when it comes to assessing people, their abilities, combined with risk and managing expectations. Brett consistently demonstrates calm under fire, and thrives in situations where he can leverage his problem-solving skills to restore efficiency, drive results, and accomplish organizational goals. Thou Brett is calm under fire, both fiscally in war, and metaphorically in business, it is important to note; Brett was also trained in The Presidential Security Detail, and Leader Training Programs, He has been known to take out the trash.

"Ye Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall Make You Free" - John 8:32

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