Life Coach and Wellness Education based in Daytona Beach, and currently serving in over 97 nations, yes, We are World Wide

Welcome to InterceptOne, Our life coaching and wellness education services based in Daytona Beach, began over 44 years ago, dedicated to helping individuals (1 individual at a time) achieve their full potential. And the why is simple; ensuring the success of One individual changes all the generations to follow. Since its humble begining, InterceptOne has served in The United Nations, NATO/OTAN, and The United States Miltary. Our transformative coaching sessions and comprehensive wellness education were intelligently designed to help you improve your body, mind & spirit. By advancing your personal journey, health, saving you money, while cultivating your inner peace, thus your happiness, we are able to guarantee your success, & we will not STOP until you say!

At InterceptOne, we offer free education sessions to empower you, to take control of your life, experience the Freedom that that offers, and the Liberty you deserve. Our expert coaches and educators are passionate about helping you overcome limiting beliefs, education, culture, social constructs, and even personal norms, to include possible disabilities. Achieving your life's journey with success in your career, & personal goals, is our commitment. Empowering you to live your best life, is our mission, and we can't wait to help you unlock your full potential. Contact us today by cell (386)286-2974 or by messaging in this program to learn more!

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23 Nations, all 50 United States, and 97 countries

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